Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Treasures

I got my pieces back that I had published in the summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. One had sold when the article came out, but I had a couple to list in Junque Revival.
The article was called, "Summer Treasures" where I had framed out old shards and seaglass with polymer clay. I made tiny flowers, leaves and tendrils for some. I collaged these two with vintage ephemera and images.
The chain on this piece was made from fine sterling wire, a Victorian pin, Mother of Pearl, Peace Jade and (my favorite) Garnet.

I hung this one a chunky copper chain
I like to paint polymer clay with many layers of paints and glazes to give it a warm old feel. When you use your own unique blend of paints, your pieces will be sure to stand out from the crowd and they will be your own.
We have had endless rain here in Maine, except for two fairly nice days on Friday and Saturday. Friday, a warm breezy day, I went to Wiscasset with my Dad and Stepmom at Sarah's Cafe. I had this SUPER-YUMM lobster roll on whole-wheat and tomato bread. I knew I had to feed Big Daddy that night, so I got one of their cobb salads to-go. (we love the dressing at Sarah's!) Then we stopped by Treats (and as always it is a special treat to go there!) I grabbed a big hunk of veggie lasagna to go with the cobb salad from Sarah's. I never leave Treats without picking up one of their little fruit pies. Dinner was hit that night!

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  1. Hi Jessica, I came across your work on Creative Souls. I Love the creativity you put into your jewelry. I'm also from Maine, the small town of St. Albans. (central, about 1 hour above Augusta) Where do you live in our wonderful state? Yeah! SUN for a couple of days!! Nice to meet you, thanks for sharing.