Thursday, July 29, 2010

weathered driftwood & shells

The first two pieces were designed especially for the Spring 2010 issue of A Jewelry Affaire magazine. I had taken a trip to Alaska last year with my hubby for our 10 year anniversary. Yes Maine and Alaska are different, but there are similarities in their rustic beauty. I brought home with me a few pieces of driftwood and lava stone.... once I got back home, I dug through my shells, all found right here in Maine while beachcombing.
"Morning Tide" necklace
I wanted to eventually have a small collection of seashore treasures to share and sell. I strove to keep each piece simple, rustic and natural. This vintage jewel has been attatched to a beautiful worn bit of shell.

"Set Sail" shell brooch


I've been doing some cleaning and started a SALE section at Junque Revival's Etsy shop.
PHEW... it feels pretty darn good!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

birds & shells

New at the shop....
Little Bird

I've posted some great photos of the Art & Vintage Market over at Sweet Mojo's blog if you'd like to see some lovely art & displays!

xox Jes

Sunday, July 11, 2010

only two weeks away!

We are getting close to the sale at my house, and I am just a wee bit excited!
We have artists bringing pottery, jewelry, art, tie-dyes, photography and so much more.
My Mom is coming with vintage buttons and costume jewelry and there will be lots of tag sale tables set up. I will also have some vintage wares at very reasonable prices.
Of course SWEET MOJO will be set up in the sunroom, so it's a perfect time to smell all of our scents!
I wish some of my bloggy friends lived closer, I know we'd have a ball!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Mojo's got a blog! We have so many fun stories from the workshop, we decided it was time to get blogging! We will also be running contests, filling you in on new experiments & more.
Big Daddy and I took our annual trip to Jonesport, Maine, and spent a long weekend on his Dad's boat. As always, there was A LOT of socializing with the Beal's Island crew, picnik cruises, dancing on the deck & The Lobster Boat races.

You just can't beat these accomodations!
Today's my first day back in the workshop and we've made four batches of our Soothing Salt Soaks. We are also experimenting with an all-over body oil spray, that is looking to be FABULOUS! Every day on my vacation was filled with sun-sun-sun, and once we got back to the boat I'd spray the body oil on my sun-drenched skin, and (if I may so myself) my skin looked (and smelled) wonderful. We'll keep you posted on the progress ;)