Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are going to be ready to launch Sweet Mojo Apothecary in about two weeks and I'm getting just a tiny bit excited!
I've been working on the labels and just finished a batch of Perfume Oil labels. I used a snippet from an original piece of art that I created for all of the sweet Mojo labels, but the Perfume Oils have a wee-fairy on the back. "Butterfly Girl" is one of my favorite scents, though honestly I love them all, or we wouldn't have created them!
I am no graphic artist, and it's been a challenge, but I really wanted the feel of "art-on-a-jar".
We have bottled up the perfume oils in little .35 oz. roll-on bottles, hoping this alcohol-free perfume would be perfect to tuck into a pocketbook, backpack or pocket so some savvy chic could touch up throughout the day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

so cute!

Sorry gang, I've gotten a little behind this week!
So how pretty and springy are these precious little gems?


Jennifer Desjardins sent these in as her entry for the contest. I love the use of vintage costume jewelry parts!
Jennifer says:

"I was quite inspired by Belle Armoire's latest jewelry issue! The first thing that caught my eye, other than the obvious droolable cover, was an article by Jessica Moreau-Berry, depicting how to create necklaces such as the ones you may be gazing at right now............It took a while to gather the supplies, I had to order some of them online. But once I received them, I was on my way. Aren't the birds adorable??

Finding the perfect pieces to go with the pendants was a lot of fun. For two of the necklaces it took me quite a bit of time to choose the findings, but not so for this black one. It just sort came together, without a second thought. On that note, I don't think this often, but the more I go through my stash of broken down, vintage and costume jewelry pieces and parts, the more I realize I need to get more!! More parts, more possibilities, right?"

You can swing by Jennifer's blog to read more and see more photos.

If you get a chance, swing by her Etsy shop and see her other work. I love her photography, and this is one of my faves!

I've got more entries to upload soon! Keep those photos coming gang!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

another beauty for the contest!

Now here are some stunning & inspirational jewels sent in for my contest by talented artist Sheila Correia! I am thrilled how she incorporates her soldering techniques to the top of the prisms, adding bits of found jewelry and turning them into a pendant holder all-in-one!
She sent me a photo of one of her necklaces, but after swinging over to her blog, I see she made a second piece that I just have to share as well... aren't they lovely?
Sheila writes:
"I'm calling my creation "Pink Passion". I wanted to capture the essence of vintage beauty, both in the overall feel of the piece with the materials used and featured image. She certainly accomplishes this for me! When worn, the pendant is very reminiscent of an old world piece and whispers of a time when beauty was excessive, elegant and elaborate (which I absolutely adore). Most of my custom jewelry is soldered, so I applied the soldering technique to this piece. I soldered the back and around the front of the pendant in order to attach a jump ring for my chain. To give it more of that vintage look, I incorporated some brass filigree and swarovski crystals for some added "bling", which I use in almost every piece of jewelry I create."

and here's a shot of the second necklace I lifted from her blog :)

There is still lots of time to enter the contest... just go here and check it out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just received a newsletter from my dear-old-blogging-pal Hope Wallace Karney showing off her adorable new Spring line, and well, I just had to share. TALK about yummy... her new designs make me smile!

I ADORE these "Love Bug" note cards!!
AND... for all of you journaling enthusiasts, she is offering a journaling E-course called Nostalgic Musings!

What a perfect way to celebrate Spring!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope everyone will do something extra special today!
Big Daddy and I are staying home & catching up on outdoor chores as it's going to be a GORGEOUS day today.
AND NOW I'd like to share our first contest participant!

Lisa from Willow and Me
I have to tell you I feel so honored that the fabulously talented Lisa took the time to participate! I took a PMC class from her this past winter, and learned oodles of new things. Check out her Etsy shop when you get a moment. And if there are any family members out there wondering what to buy me for presents, well, by all means, buy me this GORGEOUS BRACELT from Lisa.... (hint-hint... does my husband still look at this blog I wonder?)
Here's what she wrote:

"I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do for your contest when I read the post. I had three small PMC links I had made that I really wasn't sure what to do with. I also had some slightly smaller Swarovski crystal flatbacks. They had foil backs, which I gently sanded off, and added pictures of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. I didn't paint the backs afterwards because I liked the translucent look. I did the pendant over a couple of times and finally settled on what you see. I like the way the crystal magnifies the butterfly. Everything is put together with matching Swarovski crystals on sterling silver wire and a sterling silver chain."


have a happy day gang!