Monday, December 28, 2009


Big Daddy and I had a lot of stops to make this year for Christmas....
We hooked up with my Uncles (far left and far right) whom I haven't seen for a loooong time. Their families were there, my Mom and Cub, my sister Jen from Georgia and her little girl and my Memere and her beau. I'm standing behind Mom (the little lady in red) and Big Daddy is kind of hiding behind me.
These were taken at my in-laws
My niece Madeline
Nephew Connor
My SIL, Bethie and myself on Christmas morning. She is always making me laugh about something. Maybe the mimosas gave us the giggles? Folks always mistaken her and I for sisters, but I fear it's only because there are times when we can really stand out in a crowd. (again, probably something to do with mimosas)
Abby and Molly
Abby has a new cousin to play with now! It's so funny, but I always feel like a teenager at Christmas! I'm tired and I feel all of my fourty years, until Christmas day at my in-laws..... then I feel like a big kid again. I think it has something to do with them, and how they are. They are so good to us!

I am off and running to swap pressies with my girlfriends this morning. Tomorrow I am meeting my sisters in Freeport. There is a new outlet mall across from LL Bean and it's screaming my name!
Christmas never ends in Maine... did you know that?


  1. Well, that looks like a splendid,Christmas. That's a big family that you have there.

  2. What fun pictures! And both the times I've been to Maine I spent quite a lot of time at those particular stores in Freeport. In fact, I got my favorite pair of jeans at the Gap there.

    Oh to be back in Maine in December! That was one of my most favorite vacations.

    A late Merry Christmas to you, Jes. And a Happy New Year!

  3. What a fine looking family! Happy moments to be forever cherished.

  4. What fun picks, aren't the kids so much fun tearing into their packages? And the photos of the dogs playing reminds me of mine. We played "find the cookie" at my house. It goes like this...I lock the dogs in my bedroom which they hate, they begin barking like crazy, I go into the living room pass out pupperonis and everyone breaks off pieces and hides them under pillow, in their socks, in pockets, on end tables, etc. We release the hounds and they tear into the living room and begin sniffing out the's always really funny to watch and the dogs love it! Never a dull moment at my house! Happy Holidays....xo Julie

  5. Jes,
    Looks like a great Xmas for you, Jon & Abby girl! Love you guys and hope 2010 is great!!

  6. OMG Julie....THAT IS CRAZY! I can just imagine the mayhem! (sp?)

    DAWN...I need to call you this weekend....I miss you guys!