Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aroostook County, Maine

Big Daddy and the boys traveled 5 1/2 hrs. north this past week for their annual fishing trip. They set their sites on Long Pond in Aroostook County, which is about 20 minutes from New Brunswick, Canada.
Jon has an eye for spectacular photos, and I think sometimes his creativity takes a back seat to myself and his sister. When he showed me his photos, I just knew I had to share.
I think Lund Boats could appreciate these photos..... talk about a perfect advertisement!
hehehe.... Abby stayed home with me, but this shot was taken recently. She's the official mascott of fishing weekends. I thought some of the fam would get a kick from this.... she's huge and still growing! She is such a precious baby.... I get a huge kick from her daily.
I'm not sure if I'll squeeze another post in before Labor Day weekend, I think I'd rather take the time to visit some old blogging pals. I know I'm finally going to get a boat ride in myself over the weekend and we are shooting for salt water, so we are crossing our fingers that the weather will hold up.
I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


  1. Oh...I ADORE Abby...dogs are one of my VERY favorite things in life. We have a labradoodle (Guinness) and he is the absolute love of my life!! BTW, I rec'd my wonderful, fragrant and absolutely fantastic goodies and would like to thank you for getting them to me so quickly. The fragrance is amazing and the sample scrub, well, it's awesome!! Is it okay if I post a blog about it later this week? Have a fantastic holiday weekend!! Sheila

  2. I can see potential and great talent in photography with Jon. He captured such amazing photos. I am so impressed.