Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Did someone say FREE SHIPPING?
We are offering FREE SHIPPING on anything in the shop at Artfire! Now thru July 10th
Enter coupon code FREE SHIPPING at checkout.
and if we don't see you, please have a fun and safe holiday weekend!
Jes & Jolene

Thursday, June 24, 2010

to the market we go!

In an effort to spread the Sweet Mojo word, Jolene and I decided to set up at some local markets and craft shows this summer. So we set up at the Montsweag Flea Market on Rt. 1 in Woolwich Maine. Though it was slow due to an unstable weather forecast, we were happy with the sales that we made and the folks we met. We think we may have some new customers addicted to our sumptuous products as well!
We are both in the process of getting ready for our vacation, and once we're back, we definetly plan on heading to Montsweag again....

We'll announce the next time we plan on setting up, and if you are a local, we hope you'll swing by and say hello!
Jes & Jolene

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

art in the country....

I still have to add the address and directions to the bottom.... but we will be putting these posters up EVERYPLACE we can think of!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Plenty To Do Farm

I am hosting an Arts-Crafts & Tag Sale at my house on July 24th & 25th! We will have lots of crafters & artists from the Etsy Maine Team setting up their wares along with Tag sale items & vintage goodies.
I am using my blog today to show the potential vendors the space we will have!
Sweet Mojo & Junque Revival will be set up in the sunroom off the deck. We will also have a table of decorative tag sale items. I'll also be selling some vintage goodies....
We'll close off the driveway and have vendors set up along the front
For those who like shade, there's plenty of trees to set up under, and for the sun lovers we can start around the gardens
And id we have enough vendors, we'll take it to the back field!
I am working on the posters now, so I'll post it with all of the details soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The holiday weekend proved to be a non-stop whirlwind of activities... we had quite an impromptu crowd Friday night, and i managed to throw together ribs on the grill, coleslaw & roasted sweet potatoes. We stayed up into wee hours of the night by the campfire chatting & socializing.
Saturday morning Big D. and I roused ourselves up early enough to play outside and we finished our stone walkway. A proccess that has taken us about three summers, this little part in the front was the last bit to be done.
Sunday We took the boat out of Wiscasset, Maine & headed to Robinhood, where we stopped and had lunch at The Osprey. Here's Miss Jolene, my Sweet Mojo partner. It is tradition that her and Mikey get the first boatride of the season. (fellow fishermen not included)
Lots of gorgeous views, and these canadian geese did not seem to be bothered by our appearance, and posed appropriately.......
I also managed to squeeze in a trade with one of my favorite crafters, Kirsten of Anabel Fuzz.
Since Jolene and I are going to be hitting some summer markets with our products, I had to think about style, comfort & a little organization. She'll custom design your vendor apron for you!! And I love her retro fabrics!
I have to share with you my new summer scent that I have been wearing every day from Sweet Mojo...... it's called Sunbeam. I have managed to turn several of our customers here in the area into Sunbeam addicts! Including my best friend Brodie who has been coming to the workshop on Fridays to help us. I love a girl who works for product! It was funny, because I was into our floral-garden-like scents this early spring (Butterfly Girl, Fairy Lore & Happy Wings to name a few) as I think I must've been craving my perennial gardens. Once summer hit, I switched to Sunbeam. I'm totally loving that I've got all of these sweet-smelling options at my fingertips these days!

It is a mix of Sweet Orange, Neroli & Vetiver. It is so fresh and summery, and best of all, I have been told I smell good from strangers at the grocery store!! It makes me think of sunshine & blossoms.....
We have a family gathering down the road this afternoon, so I am up early to get groceries. There is a church down the road from me that always has THE BEST lawn sale, so I'm strategizing to be one of the first in line when the doors open!

What did you do for your holiday weekend?? Leave us your link in the comments if you posted... we'd love to see!