Monday, October 5, 2009

The Owl Who Knew Too Much

A tale of an owl
There was a church with a very old bell tower that sat on top of a hill in a small village in Maine. From the church you could see the village on one side and the ocean below on another. In back of the church there stood a small stand of trees where an owl lived. The owl would sit for hours on top of the bell tower to hunt for small moles and other delictable treats. The villagers felt very superstitous about this old owl. They knew he knew their secrets, because for many years they felt he was listening in on their most private confessions. To appease the owl each villager commissioned the local Metalsmith to make them a doorknocker in the shape of an owl. They felt their secrets would be safe with the owl if they showed him the respect he deserved. The Metalsmith and his family became so well known in the area for their owl doorknockers, he created this necklace for his daughter and wife to wear.

1 comment:

  1. Wow .. an OWL DOORknocker would
    be FABulous!
    I love your tale of the wise owl
    in the Bell Tower..
    Pretty necklace too, Jess!