Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remember when?

This is a celebration and "remember when" post all rolled into one!
I want to congratulate my friend Mindy Tsonas of The Wishstudio for her fabulous interview in the newest "Artful Blogging" magazine!!! If you pick up this gorgeous magazine, you will not be dissapointed by the visually stunning art, words and photos. Mindy's article was no exception... a four page interview by Christen Olivarez brought out everything beautiful that Mindy is...
ALSO.... you can see a photo of a little corner of my winter studio in the article!! *HUGS* to Mindy for including me!
I had never really picked up the magazine (I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes, SERIOUSLY!) But as I read all of the articles, I was drawn back to when I first started blogging 6 years ago. I instantly made little groups of friends from all over the world. Soon people were hopping in airplanes and cars for hookups and weekend visits.
I want to share some photos from several summers back of an art-retreat weekend I had here at the house in Maine.
This particular weekend the gang included Mindy Tsonas, Susan Tuttle, Heidi Wallingford, Leah Piken Kolidas & Tammy. (I have lost track of Tammy... can anyone help me ?) We spent the first part of the weekend creating in my sunroom. We each took a canvas, began to cut, paste and paint, then passed our canvases over to eachother so that we could add more art to the original pieces. The buffet table was overflowing with ephemera, paints, glitter and embellishments that we had all donated so we could grab at whatever we wanted. Hedi brought THE BEST trimmings and ebellishments EVER!

Leah was soon to be married, so we had a surprise shower for her at a restaurant down the road from me. We had snuck into the restaurant and decorated it first, so needless to say, she was surprised!

The last day here, I took the girls antiquing to the Montsweag Flea Market, then off to the shops in Wiscasset. Mindy picked up the grooviest afghan I've ever seen, and Leah and I bought a HUGE latin dictionary that we cut in half. (I still use the pages from that book for art)

Me, Leah and Mindy SHOPPING Leah, Heidi, Mindy, me and Tammy at the restaurant (I had made those wands for favors & table settings. Tammy brought little potted plants, and we stuck each wand into the plants) Tammy, Leah, Mindy and me before Leah new about her big surprise Mindy working on her piece Leah crowned and painting me, Susan, Tammy and Leah in my summer studio These photos bring back such wonderful memories, and leaves me aching for a time, well, when I had more time! I know that one day, we'll all beable to hook up again, and as long as we keep on blogging, we'll never really be that far from eachother.



  1. I was flipping through the magazine and saw that photo of your studio - I did a double take thinking Hey! I know that room! then I saw the snippet of our NYC print, and your name in the notes and knew it was yours for sure!

    miss you!

  2. oh, that was the bestest weekend, ever!! Miss you tons, darlin and hope to see you soon! xoxo

  3. hi sweetie ~ funny, i was just thinking of you the other day! what a wonderful weekend that was, i hope we can do it again someday!
    xo heidi

  4. thank you sweetie for sharing this! and for the little stroll down memory lane... that was such a beautiful weekend. i was so bummed to have missed susan then; and tammy has recently written a children's book (which will be featured in the wishstudio next month!). so much good stuff going on. here's to possibility and new creative adventures! ;)

  5. I still think about that weekend! I really wish we all had more time! Anyhoo Mindy CONGRATS to you Dearie!

    AND HOPE! I laughed when I saw that photo in the mag, because the first thing I noticed was our Craft Squad photo! Our New York trip will be another "remember when" post soon!!

  6. Jess~

    It's me, Tam! I've been wondering how to find you. You can thank Mindy for hooking me back up with you. I can't wait to hear about your new business.

    I'm at: