Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Kennebec River

Our tidal river had been the talk of Maine. Usually used for boating, kayaking, fishing, icefishing and more, this past week it has been sought out by tv crews, photographers, and sight seers. Jon and I went to Augusta to buy ourselves a new mattress set, and to get to Augusta you have to follow the river. It blew our minds! I've never seen it look that way before! Jon got lots of photos along the way.
There has been much flooding in certain towns everytime the tide rises.
There are three breakers that have been working for miles and miles along the river. This is the Coast Guard ice-breaker "The Bridle" that we chased in our vehicle until we could get a good shot. She was going at a pretty good clip, amazing since she's breaking huge chunks of ice!

We spied lots of ice shacks that didn't make it out of the water in time. As you can tell some of the chunks are as big as an ice shack.
Just another day in Maine folks!


  1. oooh I'm cold just looking at these pics

  2. OMG jes! I cannot believe your boss is leaving on a cruise in the mist of this! Oh well, if snow melts grab whatever you can, especially the Allen's for our boys!