Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope everyone will do something extra special today!
Big Daddy and I are staying home & catching up on outdoor chores as it's going to be a GORGEOUS day today.
AND NOW I'd like to share our first contest participant!

Lisa from Willow and Me
I have to tell you I feel so honored that the fabulously talented Lisa took the time to participate! I took a PMC class from her this past winter, and learned oodles of new things. Check out her Etsy shop when you get a moment. And if there are any family members out there wondering what to buy me for presents, well, by all means, buy me this GORGEOUS BRACELT from Lisa.... (hint-hint... does my husband still look at this blog I wonder?)
Here's what she wrote:

"I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do for your contest when I read the post. I had three small PMC links I had made that I really wasn't sure what to do with. I also had some slightly smaller Swarovski crystal flatbacks. They had foil backs, which I gently sanded off, and added pictures of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. I didn't paint the backs afterwards because I liked the translucent look. I did the pendant over a couple of times and finally settled on what you see. I like the way the crystal magnifies the butterfly. Everything is put together with matching Swarovski crystals on sterling silver wire and a sterling silver chain."


have a happy day gang!


  1. Hope you had a lovely day outside & wishing you a wonderful week!

    Very pretty piece, by the way.

  2. Beautiful piece, what a great contest Jessica. I am knee deep in making inventory right now, or I would submit. I'll post about this on my blog for sure. Take care, big hug. Riki

  3. How absolutely beautiful!! Butterflies always remind me of my mother; they always seem to surround her, so each time I see them, I think of her. Have a wonderful day! Sheila