Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are going to be ready to launch Sweet Mojo Apothecary in about two weeks and I'm getting just a tiny bit excited!
I've been working on the labels and just finished a batch of Perfume Oil labels. I used a snippet from an original piece of art that I created for all of the sweet Mojo labels, but the Perfume Oils have a wee-fairy on the back. "Butterfly Girl" is one of my favorite scents, though honestly I love them all, or we wouldn't have created them!
I am no graphic artist, and it's been a challenge, but I really wanted the feel of "art-on-a-jar".
We have bottled up the perfume oils in little .35 oz. roll-on bottles, hoping this alcohol-free perfume would be perfect to tuck into a pocketbook, backpack or pocket so some savvy chic could touch up throughout the day.


  1. Jess, very cute I love the fairy, can't wait to try some.

  2. We will start off at

  3. So adorable!! I'm a fragrance fanatic, so I'll definitely be ordering. I also love natural fragrances and often use essential oils. Congratulations on your new endeavor :-)