Thursday, July 29, 2010

weathered driftwood & shells

The first two pieces were designed especially for the Spring 2010 issue of A Jewelry Affaire magazine. I had taken a trip to Alaska last year with my hubby for our 10 year anniversary. Yes Maine and Alaska are different, but there are similarities in their rustic beauty. I brought home with me a few pieces of driftwood and lava stone.... once I got back home, I dug through my shells, all found right here in Maine while beachcombing.
"Morning Tide" necklace
I wanted to eventually have a small collection of seashore treasures to share and sell. I strove to keep each piece simple, rustic and natural. This vintage jewel has been attatched to a beautiful worn bit of shell.

"Set Sail" shell brooch


I've been doing some cleaning and started a SALE section at Junque Revival's Etsy shop.
PHEW... it feels pretty darn good!


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  1. Hello Jessica, really wonderful. I love it. Have a nice summertime, Inge