Sunday, January 17, 2010

New in the shop.....

I've finally been able to get some time in the studio to work on jewelry and other bits of art. I was inspired to create this simple and elegant piece after reading the poem, "The Lady of Shallot" by Tennyson. I wanted to keep the simplicity of the sterling cross and chain that I recovered from an antique rosary, yet added a bit of drama with a handmade ruby glass choker.

The pieces from the winter issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry showed up on my door step last week! Though a couple were allready spoken for, there are a few left to be sold!
I hand cut the cuff and dragonfly from the copper scraps, then smoothed, sanded and hammered away at the copper. I added "DREAM" onto one of the wings and then finished the pieces with a gentle patina finish.I twisted up the beaded body with black glass beads and copper wire, then attatched the dragonfly to the cuff.

The best part of these pieces is that the wings can be gently bent up and down to give more or less the impression of flight.

Today ended up being a Sunday all to myself.... so guess where I'm headed?


*in Austin Powers voice* YEAH BABY!


  1. Oh Jessica, just fabulous pieces. I love them both. The dragonfly is out of this world!! Bet that looks great on the wrist, well done!

  2. Beautiful cuff Jessica! Congratulations on the article btw....