Saturday, January 23, 2010

Upta camp

A small gang of us headed up to camp on Eustis Ridge last night and woke up to a gorgeous and sunny day. A few of us and Abby went snowshoing through the woods and to the lake. This was my friend Brodies first time and she loved it..... We have Wifi here at camp now and there might be a bit of guilt as I type this post. Camp was always a perfect excuse for not having to go near a computer, but it has been nice to check my emails and play on Facebook.

The laptops have come in handy for research as well. Another guest this weekend is Jolene, one of my dearest friends and soon-to-be-partner. A very unexpected Chrsitmas crafting project, has turned into an unexpected business that we plan on launching in the early Spring. More to come on that soon...... OH, and I still plan on playing with my jewelry in between our little project!


  1. It was 60 degree's here today. It must be invigorating to be in that snow.