Monday, March 22, 2010

how about a contest?

SO! I have to tell you that you girls who have written my email and here at the blog about my Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2010 article, "A Little Goes a Long Way" have inspired me to do something special!

I am thinking about having a contest. I am working out the details now.

So stay tuned.....keep creating....take some pretty photos, and I'll post about it soon!

And please don't hesitate to keep writing me with your questions. I want your lovely pieces to be something that you will cherish for years to come.

ALL WILL BE WELCOME! Just pick up the Spring issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry and go to page 6 and follow along!


  1. Great idea Jessica! Do it. I'm in. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Take care, Riki Congrats again on your beautiful article.

  2. cool! Will wait to see what it is! I already have my teardrop pendant almost..finished! Drilled the hole in the flower yesterday...

  3. I found your blog from artful blogging! Congrats to being in there- such a beautiful magazine :)

  4. Thanks for visiting me!! A contest would be SO much fun. I'll definitely participate and look forward to all the beautiful artful interpretations :-) Will be back soon :-) Sheila

  5. Hello dear! Sorry it has been forever! I still wear my necklace every other day for joy and flight of spirit! Hope you are well! Take care. Blessings and light, Amy